Lektionen / Lessons

Lecture series
The format Lektionen / Lessons offers contexts and background information on the artworks of the exhibitions in the Paintings Gallery.

Series of lectures on the exhibition Considering the Collection & King Vulture An Insert by Willem de Rooij (8.3.–20.8.2023)

28.6.2023, 18 h
Conference Room

Helmut Draxler
State, Situation, Action. The Social Imaginary in Dutch and Flemish Painting

14.6.2023, 18 h
Paintings Gallery

Carolin Bohlmann and IJsbrand Hummelen
Re-enactment in Conservational Practice

31.5.2023, 18 h
Anatomy Hall

Christian Kravagna
Birds. Snakes. Palms. Power. What can Dutch painting tell us about Austrian colonialism?

24.5.2023, 18 h
Anatomy Hall

Vanessa Joan Müller
Re-reading Images: Reference and Re-reading in the Work of Willem de Rooij

8.3.2023, 18 h
Conference Room

Willem de Rooij
King Vulture

Series of lectures on the exhibition The Purloined Masterpiece. Images as Time Machines (7.4.2022–29.1.2023)

26.1.2023, 18 h
Conference Room

Victor I. Stoichita
The Nervous Statue. On the Pygmalion Iconography in the Eighteenth Century

18.1.2023, 18 h
Paintings Gallery

Anna-Sophie Berger und Teak Ramos
Advice you can take

14.12.2022, 18 h
Conference Room

Sandra Hindriks
Optical Illusions as Tests. Painting around 1500 in the Interplay of Sensual and Intellectual Experie

9.11.2022, 18 h
Paintings Gallery

Bernhard Siegert
The Second Day of Creation. The Romantic Seascape between Painting and Physics

14.10.2022, 18 h
Paintings Gallery

Gabriele Mackert
Chronicler of the Seas. About Allan Sekula’s  Marea negra: Fragmentos para una ópera

Allan Sekula, Black Tide / Marea Negra (Detail), 2002–2003 Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Collection, Foto: Courtesy Allan Sekula Studio

Joos van Cleve, The Holy Family (detail),
c. 1520–1530
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