Lektionen / Lessons

Lecture series
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The format Lektionen / Lessons offers contexts and background information on the artworks of the exhibitions in the Paintings Gallery.

Series of lectures on the exhibition History Tales. Fact and Fiction in History Painting (27.9.2023–26.5.2024)
Further dates and information on this will be added on an ongoing basis.

Conference Room

Bernd Stiegler
A Historical Mélange. Political photo montage from 1870/71 to 1945

(Lecture in German)

29.11.2023, 18 h
Anatomy Hall

Gudrun Swoboda
The Hero's Inversion and a Bloody Pointer. On the Rediscovery of a Battle Painting by Salvator Rosa
(Lecture in German)

Anatomy Hall

Sven Lütticken
24. 1.2024, 18 h
Anatomy Hall

Eva Kernbauer
Geschichte in der Gegenwart: Das zeitgenössische Historienbild
(Lecture in German)
20.3.2024, 18 h
Anatomy Hall

Maha El Hissy
27.3.2024, 18 h
Anatomy Hall

Peter Geimer

Ana Torfs, La Narration 
(une histoire extraordinaire) (detail),
2000, Courtesy Ana Torfs

Lektionen / Lessons online
Considering the Collection & King Vulture An Insert by Willem de Rooij (8.3.–20.8.2023)
The Purloined Masterpiece. Images as Time Machines (7.4.2022–29.1.2023)